Oz Height Adjustable 360° Rotating Gardening Seat™

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Height Adjustable 360° Rotating Gardening Seat is designed for working at ground level, raised bed, or garden bed. The seat can be rotated 360 degrees so that you can fully swivel while you work. You can easily do whatever you want in the garden without having to take a walk.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This Height Adjustable 360° Rotating Gardening Seat is the ultimate gardening stool that every garden and the gardener needs." Peter G - QLD 

Benefits Of Using Height Adjustable 360° Rotates Gardening Seats

Relief Back & Knee Pain 

360 Degree Rotation

Enjoy What You Love For Longer

Save Your Knees, Ankles & Back While Gardening

Improve Posture & Natural Alignment

No More Painkillers

Get The Right Height For You 

Improve Back & Knee Flexibility & Motion

Prevent Muscles From Shortening, Twisting & Shrinking

Reduces Pressure On The Back, Knees & Ankles

No More Bending Or Knelling

Ergonomic Design

Work From A Seated Position

Save $1,000's In Massage, Physio & Chiro Fees

14-day money-back guarantee

Delivering Across Australia and New Zealand

This Height Adjustable 360° Rotates Gardening Seats is adjustable in height and rotatable, the non-pneumatic wheels are maintenance-free and the handle is integrated into the backrest. 

It is perfect for any gardening enthusiast and can relieve back pain and knee pain when planting or weeding. It can also be used to paint fences, wash cars and work.

Our Height Adjustable 360° Rotates Gardening Seat is stable and lightweight, with specially designed "Anti-Roll" non-pneumatic wheels for stability, balance and comfort for easy maneuvering.

Our Height Adjustable 360° Rotates Gardening Seats are low enough to reach to tend to the garden whether planting or pulling weeds. Also, it is made of a strong steel tube that can withstand 150kg and is ideal for outdoor work. 


Protect Your Back & Knees: This rolling garden seat can be an investment in your health. You can tend to your plants without having to put up with knee pain or back strain.


The exclusively designed three sturdy wheels increase the contact area with the ground. As you tend to your plants, these wheels will make it super sturdy to get around your garden and ensure you are sitting safely.  

Product Specifications

The maximum seat height is 36cm

Please note: We proudly deliver to both Australia and New Zealand!

Package Include:
1x Oz Height Adjustable 360° Rotating Gardening Seat™


Feel Safe With A 14-day Money-Back Guarantee!


We are Australia's leading health store if the product arrives damaged, broken, or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival & receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked! 

Please carefully consider your purchase and personal expectations before completing your order. We apologise for any inconvenience, but we cannot offer refunds based solely on individual experiences that may not align with the expected results as described on our website.

AUSTRALIAN OWNED - Supporting Australia's health & wellbeing

EASY TO CLEAN - Eco-friendly material, washable, and no skin irritation

PREMIUM QUALITY - Ergonomically design


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED -  If something is wrong with your order, we have a 14-day money-back guarantee if there is an issue with the item

✅ Delivering Across Australia and New Zealand

Keeping the gardening stool clean is easy, just hose it down with your garden hose.
Make the smart investment decision today and purchase a most useful gardening stool bringing back the joy of gardening minus the pain!

Important Note: The chair is only suitable for you if you're physically fit and able to maintain your balance when using this garden chair. We do not expect a refund or return if this doesn't fit you or doesn't meet your expectations, Please carefully consider your purchase.  We apologise for any inconvenience in advance, and thanks for understanding 

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