8" & 10" Electric Chainsaw

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Do Twice the Work in Half the Time With Our Electric Chainsaw!

Our Electric 8" & 10" Chainsaw offers a 50% increase in your output. 

Our new 8" & 10"  Electric Chainsaw takes about 10 seconds to cut a block of 15 cm in diameter wood. It is lightweight and portable!

Benefits & Features Of Using 8" & 10"  Electric Chainsaw

✅ Practical, Fast Speed, Low Power Consumption

✅ High-quality Chain, Sharp & Wear-Resistant

✅ Built In Safety Lock To Prevent Accidental Starting

✅ Comes With 2 FREE Batteries

✅ Running Battery Time 2-3 Hours

✅ No More Shoulder & Neck Pain 

✅ Sharp & Strong Chain

✅ Lightweight & Portable & 100% Cordless

✅ Fast Charging & Strong power

✅ Safer Than Using A Traditional Chainsaw 

✅ Cuts Efficiently & Faster

✅ Save 100's Per Year On Fuel Costs

✅ Cuts Through Branches & Trees Easily

✅ Saw Will Do All The Hard Work For You

✅ Saves $100,s On Fuel,

✅ Rechargeable Eco-Friendly Alternative 

✅ Overload Protection

✅ 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

The lightweight 8" & 10"  Electric Chainsaw is suitable for all kinds of home gardens, parks, farms, roads, large pastures, orchards, greenhouses, grape cutting branches, potted plants, trees and you name it!


Enjoy a powerful, lightweight and fast cutting saw that takes approximately only 10 seconds to cut a block of wood 15cm in diameter giving you the peace of mind to get any job around the house or in the bush done quite easily.

 The intelligent circuit control board, overload protection, and low power consumption.

Fast Heat Dissipation

Fast heat dissipation design, prevents the motor from overheating and ensures your cutting operation is fast and stable. 

Lightweight & Portable - It can be used with one hand, and it is not easy to get tired after long-term use. It is very suitable for family and temporary work.

Copper Wire Motor - Built-in copper motor, two large-capacity lithium batteries that can provide sufficient power, continuous working 40-60 mins.

Can't your chainsaw work properly? Maybe your chain direction is wrong. Please check the direction of the chain installation!

Chain Installation:

Strong Dynamic System- Adapts a high-quality guide chain that has undergone a deep quenching process to ensure smooth cutting. 

Protective Baffle - It prevents wood chips from splashing and branches above your head, those sawdust would hit the baffle and not come back in your face.

Wide Application -This electric chainsaw has a wide range of uses, and can be used for orchard cutting transverse branches, household firewood, bamboo tree cutting, sapling, municipal greening projects, cutting wood, pruning branches and you name it.

8" & 10" Electric Chainsaw Installation 

If the chainsaw becomes hot after 10 minutes of continual use this is normal, please let rest for a minute or two before continuing to use it again.

8 Inch Mini Electric Chainsaw Details

10-Inch Mini Electric Chainsaw Details


  • Large capacity lithium battery - Lithium battery technology, battery overload protection, fast charging.
  • Copper core motor - Strong power, quickly gathers energy, outputs strong power.
  • High-quality guide chain - Sharp and wear-resistant, deep quenching is more wear-resistant and smooth cutting.
  • Ergonomic design -The handle is an anti-skid design that is very convenient to grip and safer for carrying.
  • Safety of sawing -  Effectively improve the efficiency of your work.
  • Infinitely variable speed -  More detailed pruning, better protection of trees.

8" & 10"  Electric Chainsaw Sizes

Please note: We proudly deliver to both Australia and New Zealand!


Fit for Makita 18V Li-ion Battery

Brand new

Chain Material: High Carbon Steel

Color: Blue

Rotating Speed: 500r/min

Speed: 4.8m/s

8 Inch Package Includes

10 Inch Package Includes


✅ AUSTRALIAN OWNED - Supporting Australians' health and wellbeing.

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY - Made with quality materials.

✅ FREE AUSTRALIA-WIDE DELIVERY - FREE Australia-wide delivery.

✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED -  If something is wrong with your order, we have 14 day money-back guarantee.  


Feel Safe With A 14-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

We are Australia's leading highest-rated home products, if the product arrives damaged, broken, or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival & receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

Please note that we don't accept exchange or change of mind on electric items unless the item is proven faulty, electric items cannot be returned or exchanged for safety reasons. Please, read the item description carefully before placing your order.

Please carefully consider your purchase and personal expectations before completing your order. We apologise for any inconvenience, but we cannot offer refunds based solely on individual experiences that may not align with the expected results as described on our website.

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