Complete Leg Rejuvenator

$121 $241

Seeking Relief From Tired And Restless Legs?

Prepare to discover instant revitalisation and renewed energy with our Complete Leg Rejuvenator!

Eliminate Leg Fatigue, Experience Unmatched Comfort and Renewed Energy With Our Complete Leg Rejuvenator To Reclaim Your Active Lifestyle Today!


Benefits Of Using Complete Leg Rejuvenator

✅ Improved Circulation

✅ Fatigue Reduction

✅ Deep Tissue Massage

✅ Enhanced Lymphatic Drainage

✅ Restless Legs Relief

✅ Swelling Reduction

✅ Relaxation & Stress Relief

✅ Enhanced Training & Sports Performance

✅ Save $1,000's In Massage, Physio & Chiro Fees

✅ 14 Days Money-back Guarantee


Experience the transformation 

The Complete Leg Rejuvenator utilizes advanced air compression massage technology, gently contracting airbags to target muscle groups. This promotes improved blood circulation and effectively releases muscle tension, leaving you feeling re-energized and at ease.


 Blood Circulation and Recovery: Experience the pulsating massage action of the Complete Leg Rejuvenator, powered by advanced air compression. This stimulation enhances blood circulation, promoting increased oxygen flow and nutrient delivery to your legs. Say goodbye to discomfort, swelling, and post-activity fatigue as you enjoy faster recovery after long periods of standing or physical activity.


Smart Session Timer: Our Leg Massager is equipped with a convenient 15-minute built-in timer. This feature ensures your massage sessions are perfectly timed to suit your needs. Simply sit back, relax, and let the device work its magic without any concerns about overdoing it.


Comprehensive 360° Massage: The Complete Leg Rejuvenator is designed to provide a 360° full-wrap leg massage. It caters to every inch of your legs, including soles, insteps, ankles, calves, and thighs simultaneously. With this full coverage, you can enjoy a holistic and rejuvenating leg massage experience.

Powered Voltage: 110V-240V   50-60HZ

Mode: 3 Modes

Rated Powered: 24W

Max Pressure: 30-50Kpa

Applicable People: Adult

Remote control rated voltage: 12V 2A

Default time:20min

Maximum foot circumference: 36 cm

Maximum calf circumference: 55.5


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