Oz Smart EMS Foot Massager Mat™

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Give Your Feet An Instant Relief Anytime, Anywhere In Just 10 Minutes A Day!


Oz Smart EMS Foot Massager Mat™ is a breakthrough device that provides foot acupressure points with the right stimulus using precise electrical muscle stimulation pulses.

 Benefits Of Using Smart EMS Foot Massager Mat™

 Naturally, eliminate foot pain (no harsh painkillers)

Stimulates the acupuncture points in your feet and eliminates foot pain at the source!

Improves blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and relieves leg swelling

Helps alleviate and prevent swollen ankles, stiffness, or soreness of your feet

 Reduce Oedema, Varicose Veins

 Relieve Plantar Fasciitis

 Reduce Heel & Foot Arch Pain

✅ Relief of Heel Spur

 Relax & relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Heel & Arch Pain

✅ Promote Blood Circulation & Metabolism

✅ Reduce knee inflammation

✅ Relieve Muscle Aches & Joint Pain

 Save $1,000's In Massage, Physio & Chiro Fees

✅ 14 days money-back guarantee

Delivering Across Australia and New Zealand

Revolutionary Ems Acupressure Technology - Light electrical pulses, targeted to the lymph of the legs, effectively relieve swelling and leg pain. It also stimulates blood circulation to remove cellulite nodes on the legs and thighs.

EMS Physical Fat Loss & Shaping - EMS creates an electric pulse that stimulates muscle contraction, effectively exercises muscles & targets flabby fat tissue.

EMS Electric Foot Massager - Promote meridian circulation, and improve the blood circulation of active cells.

Pyretic Moxibustion - Through the heat and to stimulate acupuncture points, get through the meridians, and recuperate the vitality.

Low & Medium Frequency Pulse - Imitate the biological currents of traditional Japanese massage techniques.

Oz EMS Foot Massager Mat™ Features

6 Modes - Meet your different massage needs, intelligent simulation artificial massage techniques according to personal preferences, and physical stress can be freely combined.

9 Adjustable Intensity - Directly stimulate the acupuncture points, slow down physical and mental fatigue, and improve sleep.

Easy To Carry - Comfortable foot pad, lightweight, foldable, easy to carry anywhere. massage your feet anytime, anywhere.

Wide Application - You can use it while watching tv, reading books, or just relaxing in your free time. Also suitable for people who like to wear high heels etc.

Easy To Use - Take off your socks before use and put your 2 feet on the foot pad. Push the mode switch key (M) to select the mode you want. Push the "+" key to select the appropriate intensity.

First Time Use: Please make sure to start on Level 1 to get the feel for it and work your way up the levels!

Easy to Clean & Foldable

The Oz Smart EMS Foot Massager Mat™ is lightweight, foldable, rechargeable/battery operated, and easy to fold and carry anywhere. Made of soft material, PU leather surface can be dried with a wet towel after use.

⚠️ Please Note you should never use this EMS Foot Massager if you're:

  • Equipped with a cardiac stimulator or an automatically implanted cardiac defibrillator (ALCD).
  • Pregnant.
  • Suffering from deep vein thrombosis.
  • Suffering from arterial hypertension.
  • Have heart disease.
  • have a history of high blood pressure

 Your well-being is our priority, and it's important to ensure that the product is suitable for your specific health needs.

Product Specification

Material: Composite 

Colour: Black

Package Include

1 x Foot Mat

1 x Controller

1 x USB Cable

1 x Instruction 

Please note: We proudly deliver to both Australia and New Zealand!



AUSTRALIAN OWNED - Supporting Australians' health & well-being.

MULTIPURPOSE - Can be used use anywhere & any time.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Made with quality materials.

FREE AUSTRALIA-WIDE DELIVERY - FREE Australia-wide delivery.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED -  If something is wrong with your order, we have a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

Feel Safe With A 14-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

We are Australia's leading highest-rated home products, if the product arrives damaged, broken, or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival & receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

Please carefully consider your purchase and personal expectations before completing your order. We apologise for any inconvenience, but we cannot offer refunds based solely on individual experiences that may not align with the expected results as described on our website.

While we have carefully curated the product descriptions and highlighted the potential benefits on our website, it is crucial to acknowledge that these descriptions are meant to provide a general understanding of the product's intended effects. The efficacy of the product is contingent upon various factors, including individual body composition, lifestyle, and personal circumstances.

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