4", 6", 8" & 10 Chainsaw Parts

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Chainsaw Parts:

Australia's Highest Rated One-Hand Electric 4" & 6 " Saws & Guides


✅ Made of premium quality steel with the latest technology

✅ Has a smooth cutting performance & will stay sharper for longer

✅ High wear resistance

✅ Suitable for 4-inch & 6-inch Chainsaws

✅ Easy to use

✅ Durable in use

Lightweight and small design for easy replacement and installation. Suitable for all of our 4' and 6' chainsaws.

How To Install The Chain & The Guide?


How To Oil The Chain?


Please note: We proudly deliver to both Australia and New Zealand!


Guide length: 4/6 inch

Chain speed: 5m/s

Rotating Speed: 500r/min

Chain Material: High Carbon Steel

Type: Chainsaw Chain 6 Inch & 4 Inch
Replacement Guide Bar: 6 Inch & 4 Inch

Packing list:

6-inch steel chainsaw chain + 6-inch guide bar + Installations Tools

4-inch steel chainsaw chain + 4-inch guide bar + Installations Tools




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