GutterScope™ - Telescopic Gutter Cleaner

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Clean Your Gutters Safely
From The Ground


Hiring someone to clean your gutters can be expensive while climbing a ladder to do it yourself is merely dangerous. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, GutterScope™ has a unique curved end and high pressure nozzle that flushes leaves, dirt, and gunk out of your gutters effortlessly.

No more taking hours to climb rickety ladders and manually removing blockages. With GutterScope™'s adjustable wand that ranges from 40 to 70 inches (Telescopic size: 1.05m - 1.75m) and it's 180° high-pressured rotatable jet spray nozzle, you can easily clean your gutters from the ground!

Benefits & Features of GutterScope™ Telescopic Gutter Cleaner

180° Rotatable Jet Spray Nozzle

Adjustable Telescopic Wand Up To 175CM

Non-slip Grip

Avoid Accidents

Perfect For Hard to Reach Areas

Premium Grade Aluminum Alloy

Set Up in Seconds

On & Off Switch

Lightweight & Portable

✅ Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

Save $1,000's From Hiring Professional Gutter Cleaners

 14-day Money-back Guarantee

GutterScope™'s aren't just for gutters! Any spot you need to clean, our poles can reach. You can blast away leaves, mess, and dirt quickly and easily not just from your canopies, sheds, garage, and high windows, and can even power blast the grime off your car!

Why climb on a ladder, when you can safely and thoroughly clean your gutters from the ground? GutterScope™'s extendable telescopic wand combined with your height can easily reach an elevation of more than 2 meters. You can save money by hiring professional gutter cleaners and save yourself a trip from the hospital from unnecessary accidents.

Water pressure from the pole depends on the water pressure of your own hose and is controlled by the variable flow control valve. There are 4 different options, which can be adjusted according to different cleaning needs. You can use this to clean roof gutters water your plants with a gentler pressure.

We've designed our poles to fit with most standard garden hoses, so no special attachments are needed there, either! Simply attach your garden hose and snap the water connector which also functions as the on/off switch and you're good to go!


The detachable pole is made of premium aluminum, lightweight and durable. The length of each individual pole after disassembly is about 16.5 inches, which does not take up space. It can be easily stored in the trunk and carried.


Material: Brass, Aluminium, Zinc

Telescopic size: 1.05m - 1.75m

Spray Pattern: Flat Spray


1x GutterScope™ Pole

1x Jet Spray Nozzle

1x Gooseneck

1x Brass Hose Connector


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