4" / 6" One Hand Chainsaw

$78 $155
SIZE - 4"/6":

Australia's Highest-Rated One Hand Chainsaw

Our new Mini Electric Chainsaw takes about 10 seconds to cut a block of 15 cm in diameter wood. It is lightweight and portable, and can be held with one hand!

Our 6” One Hand Chainsaw is small and mighty. The small shape and design make it easy to maneuver and fit into tight and hard-to-reach spots. It can cut through all types of wood thanks to its long-lasting rechargeable battery, making it a great eco-friendly tool. 

You will be amazed at how strong and lightweight it is and how quickly it can cut through wood branches and thick bushes without noise and harmful smoke.


✅ Practical, Fast Speed, Low Power Consumption

✅ Built In Safety Lock To Prevent Accidental Starting

✅ Comes With 2 FREE Batteries

✅ Running Battery Time 2-3 Hours

✅ No More Shoulder & Neck Pain 

✅ Sharp & Strong Chain

✅ Lightweight & Portable, Can Be Held With One Hand

✅ Safer Than Using A Traditional Chainsaw 

✅ Cuts Efficiently & Faster

✅ Saves $100,s On Fuel,

✅ Rechargeable Eco-Friendly Alternative 

✅ Overload Protection

✅ 14-Day Money Back Guarantee


This Chainsaw has added a safety lock switch and splash guard to prevent accidental start. This chainsaw is so powerful that it makes any job effortless, which saves you time, money, and unnecessary stress on your body. Whether you are someone who loves to garden at home or a landscaper, gardener, handyman, or tradesman our electric chainsaw will do the job. 

 This Is How to Assemble The Chainsaw

If the chainsaw is used continuously for 10 minutes, it may generate heat and it will become hot. This is normal, Please rest for 3-5 minutes before continuing to use it.

This Is How To Oil The Chain

Our chainsaw is slim in design, small in size, comfortable to hold in one hand and has convenient access to all places. It can be used with one hand and is not easy to fatigue for long-term use. Suitable to use at home or at work.

With over 10,000 happy Australian customers, our mini electric chainsaw will change the way you do any task at home or at work. You can now complete any task in half the time with less effort. You can now relax knowing you won't have any stress or tension on your hands, shoulders, arms and back.


  • Handheld Operation
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Comes With 2 FREE Batteries
  • Electric
  • 100% Cordless
  • 6-month Warranty
  • Delivering Across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Feel Safe With A 14-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

    We are Australia's leading highest-rated home products, if the product arrives damaged, broken, or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival & receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

    Please note that we don't accept exchange or change of mind on electric items unless the item is proven faulty, electric items cannot be returned or exchanged for safety reasons. Please, read the item description carefully before placing your order.

    Please carefully consider your purchase and personal expectations before completing your order. We apologise for any inconvenience, but we cannot offer refunds based solely on individual experiences that may not align with the expected results as described on our website.

    Please note: We proudly deliver to both Australia and New Zealand!

    This cordless chain saw adopts a high-quality chain, wear-resistant and durable, and fast and smooth sawing without jamming.


    • Guide length: 4/6 inch
    • Chain speed: 5m/s
    • Rotating Speed: 500r/min
    • Chain Material: High Carbon Steel


    What's Included:

    • Electric Chain Saw
    • 2x Lithium Batteries
    • 1x Charger
    • Wrench
    • Screwdriver
    • User Manual


    Support Local Business

    We are based in Adelaide

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