ProStep™ - Leg Trainer Device

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Get the Exercise You Need Without Ever Leaving Your Chair

Looking for a way to get in some exercise while sitting down? Tired of your feet and legs feeling heavy after a long day? Look no further than the ProStep™ Leg Trainer Device. This innovative piece of equipment allows you to give your feet and legs a good workout, without even leaving your chair. With its sturdy construction and anti-slip foot pedals, the ProStep™ Leg Trainer Device is perfect for anyone who wants to stay healthy, even while sitting down.

Benefits of Our ProStep™ - Leg Trainer Device

Improve Blood Circulation

Ease Fatigue on Legs & Feet

Prevent Further Deterioration of Varicosity

Improve Posture

Supports Curing of Leg Disease

Effectively Reduce Fat

Reduce Muscle Stress

Avoid lymph build up

Muscle Recovery

Help in the Healing of Muscles

Help Avoid Oedema

Helps with Insomnia

Save $1,000's In Massage, Physio & Chiro Fees

30-Day's Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy a full-body workout with ProStep™ Leg Trainer Device. This durable, lightweight device is built with solid steel in a sturdy construction and is designed to fit onto any table or flat surface. Its anti-slip pedal has small messaging particles, which helps to improve blood circulation and ease fatigue at the leg part while you exercise

Improve Your Health - ProStep™ - Leg Trainer Device is designed with exercise habits in mind. Its movements are precise, continuous, and vibration-free, which will keep your legs moving continuously and improve your blood circulation while also reducing vascular issues and leg inflammation. It also helps you prevent leg cramps and back pain.

Improve Your Figure -  Our ProStep™ - Leg Trainer Device helps to improve your figure by preventing cellulitis and varicose veins. It also strengthens your muscles every time you use it. Simply sit back and relax, and you will see results in just 15 minutes per day.

Electric Dual Speed System - ProStep™ is a single body-weight based leg strengthening device. The dual speed system allows you to adjust to suit your ability and comfort, providing 30 times per minute in the first gear, and 50 times per minute in the second.

Height Adjustable - ProStep™ is a height adjustable leg training device that can be adjusted according to your own comfort level. This soft, comfortable and adjustable leg support will help you to gain momentum as you work out, hold back the fatigue in your legs and improve circulation throughout your body. Great for anyone who wants to maintain proper posture at home or in the gym


Easy To Use - Turn your workout into a high-impact workout by adding the ProStep™ to your routine. Just plug it in, place your feet on the platform and set your desired speed.  The revolutionary design makes it possible to work your legs from the comfort of your own home. It's simple, convenient and effective.

Product Specifications

Color: Blue

Material: ABS, Steel Board 

Overall Dimension: 31.5L x 37.5W x 14.5H (cm) 

Pedal Dimension: 30L x 12.5W x 2T (cm) 

Power Cord Length: 1.6 M 

Input Voltage: 240V/50Hz 

Power: 20 W 

Weight Capacity: 120 kg 

Package Includes

1x ProStep™ - Leg Trainer Device

AUSTRALIAN OWNED - Supporting Australians' health and wellbeing.

MULTIPURPOSE - Can be used use anywhere & any time on most chairs.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Made with quality materials.

FREE AUSTRALIA-WIDE DELIVERY - FREE Australia-wide delivery.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED -  If something is wrong with your order, we have 30 days of the money-back guarantee. 

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