Reusable Castor Oil Wrap

I recently started using my castor oil wrap around my belly button and also around my abdomen. This has helped with my digestion a lot! - Helen B. Sydney

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Colour: Khaki
Style: 1x Waist Abdomen + 1x Neck

What is the Reusable Castor Oil Wrap?

Castor Oil Wrap is a special cloth infused with castor oil designed for gentle use on your body. This unique wrap helps the nourishing benefits of castor oil penetrate deep into your tissues, providing a natural boost rooted in centuries of wellness wisdom.

What is it made of?

The inner layer is made of a special material known for its waterproof properties, allowing water to slide right off. The German velvet fabric used in this product has 10% higher fluffiness than other fibers and retains warmth 17% better than cotton, making it comparable to 'cashmere'.